Dr. Michele Blackwell is amazing! I have been treated for menopausal symptoms for 4 ½ years, using 2 different gynecologists who have tried different hormonal treatments over and over again with no success. I had a friend recommend Dr. Blackwell so I went to her (in tears) because I had severe vaginal dryness and severe sexual discomfort, which lead to no sex drive. The symptoms began after only 5 years of marriage and became so severe that we were unable to have sexual intercourse at all. Dr. Blackwell treated me performing FemTouch Lazar treatments and hormonal pellets in my hip and SHE HAS FIXED MY ISSUES! My husband and I are SO HAPPY with the results! The vaginal dryness is non-existent, the discomfort is completely gone AND my sex drive is now out the roof!!!! As I said before…DR MICHELE BLACKWELL IS AMAZING!

I recently visited Dr. Blackwell’s office to see if I was a candidate for hormone therapy. As it turns out my testosterone levels were low and Dr. Blackwell suggested I try the pellet method of hormone delivery. Since my treatment I noticed higher energy levels, deeper sleep levels and a stronger sex drive. The entire office has been more than accommodating. Setting up blood work, next appointments and procedural visits were absolutely no problem. Efficient and professional. Nice people to work with. If you were interesting in Hormone therapy, I would definitely recommend Dr Blackwell and her team.

Dr. Blackwell has done wonders adjusting my thyroid medications to a better level and the pellet hormones have been amazing. My libido increased, the night hot flashes stopped and I sleep like a baby! I just feel like a calmer happier person overall. In addition, talking to Dr. Blackwell is like talking to a friend. She spends time with you and listens to your concerns. Changing to her practice was one of the best things I have ever done.

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